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HealRWorld and NJII Launch SDG Accelerator

October 29, 2018

HealRWorld Selected by D&B and Tableau Foundation as a Top Leader in Data and Technology Supporting the SDGs

September, 2018

HealRWorld presents business at D&B/Tableau UNGA "Gallery Walk" Event.

HealRWorld Chosen 2018 Sustainable Brands Innovation Open Semi-Finalist

June, 2018

HealRWorld attends SB 2018 in Vancouver and presents strategy for a global just economy.


HealRWorld CEO Attends 2018 International Conference of Centesimus Annus pro Pontifice Foundation at the Vatican

May 25, 2018

HealRWorld attends forum discussing support of global SMEs as  referenced in Pope Francis' Laudato Si' Encyclical

HealRWorld and The New Jersey Innovation Institute Launch Sustainability Accelerator

May 14, 2018

HealRWorld and NJII, the state's leading innovation institute, partner to launch a new sustainability accelerator to align with and promote the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

HealRWorld Receives Social Impact Award

August 17, 2017

HealRWorld CEO Michele Bongiovanni Receives First Ever NJ Higher Education Social Impact Award

Bloomberg Reporter John Metaxas Interviews HRW CEO

May 17, 2017

Bloomberg reporter John Metaxas interviews HealRWorld CEO Michele Bongiovanni as part of the United Nations First Ever SME Day Celebrations...

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