Global Peace & Small Business

Many social entrepreneurs like me ascribe to the higher laws of philosophical belief…like those of equal status and dignity for capital and labour to avoid conflict between them.’

Gandhi believed that “all forms of property and human accomplishments are either gifts of nature or products of collective social effort. As such, they must belong not to the individual, but to society as a whole and therefore should be used for the good of all.” It could be said that Gandhi himself was an early father of social entrepreneurship.

And on a recent trip to the Vatican, I professed to key members of the Fondazionne that I have spent the last five years of my life creating a platform for the faithful (across all faiths and regions) to act upon—to unite sustainably-committed small and mid-sized businesses (the backbone of developing nation economies) with values-based consumers driven by a “person-based faith” where small business owners are “supported on the way to reach critical mass and aim at the wealth-creation process which were goals cited of key importance by His All Holiness Pope Francis himself.

So today we bring you—Business for Good. Angels explores the psyhche, consciousness, motivations and accomplishments of the true business angels who are committed to either supporting social entrepreneurs in their missions, or are in fact a social entrepreneur…..

For there can be no peace when there is no sustenance…and supporting businesses doing good creates a more just and inclusive society for all.

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