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Introducing the
ESG Business Debit Card & Mobile App for the UK

To Help You Manage Expenses & Get Rewarded
for Committing to a More Sustainable World

Where Your Everyday Spend is a Vote for the
Kind of World You Wish to See!


Top Banking Features

As a cardholder, you'll enjoy full digital banking with multicurrency accounts, domestic and international payments, employee cards, and a powerful expense app, all integrated with the industry’s leading accounting platforms.

Apps That Help Your Business Achieve Your Sustainability Goals...

Get access to HealRWorld's unique tools to help you commit to your sustainability goals and demonstrate your values to the world!​

  • Calculate Your Carbon Footprint with Mastercard's® Carbon Calculator and The Priceless Planet Coalition® (Coming Soon)

  • Access HealRWorld's Global Sustainable Community and Marketplace of Millions of Consumers and Businesses Where You can Promote Your Commitment to Prospective Customers Who Care

  • Become Sustain Planet Earth Committed® and Demonstrate your Commitment to the United Nations Sustianable Development Goals (SDGs). Corporations, Governments and Consumers all support the SDGs and seek businesses who align with the goals!

A Calculator to Help You See Your Carbon Footprint from Mastercard and Priceless Planet (Coming Soon!)

Learn how your carbon footprint is calculated and get tips on how to reduce your footprint when you spend.  Designed in collaboration with industry leaders, these insights can help you make  practical and simple modifications leading to more mindful spending.  And you can easily compensate for your spending by planting trees or donating to climate justice-related causes.

All the tools you need in one place to help you become more sustainable and increase sales to global merchants and consumers that align with your values!

A Global Community Marketplace of Millions of Values Led Consumers and Businesses

Join millions of consumers and businesses who care about your commitment to the planet.  Market your products and services to new prospects globally who are also committed to your values.  Track sales, leads and feedback from prospects and gain new customers.

A Tool That Allows Small Businesses to Commit to & Market Their Support of The United Nations 17 SDGs 

HealRWorld's proprietary Sustain Planet Earth Committed tool allows small businesses to learn more about the UN SDGs and commit to one or more of the 17 Goals.  Corporations, Governments and Consumers all support the SDGs and your commitment will help you stand out from the crowd!


Commit to the SDGs, Increase Visibility & Sales with Like Minded Businesses and Consumers

Commit to the SDGs, Use Your Everyday Spending Power to Make the World a Better Place

Join the Movement

Join a Global Movement of Consumers and Businesses Committed to People, Planet & Purpose

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