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We Celebrate these Musicians & Musical Organizations Committed to People & Planet

Each year, 8 million metric tons of plastic waste winds up floating around in our oceans. Pharrell Williams wants to do something about it.

Five years ago, the Grammy Award-winning music artist joined Bionic Yarn as a creative director. The material engineering company aims to produce high-grade textiles and polymers from coastal and marine plastic. It has collaborated with major brands such as Timberland, Burton and H&M. It also has partnered with G-Star RAW in an initiative to make classic blue jeans out of ocean plastics.

From 2015 to 2017, the company turned an estimated seven million plastic bottles into clothing items.

Climate Injustice plagues the poorest in our society--from Black, Indigenous and Latina communities to women and children.  Music4ClimateJustice is a global platform to support these causes through 400+ global musicians from every genre committed to making a difference. 


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Select Conscious Music Businesses & Initiatives

Vibes are high fidelity ear plugs that give back.  In partnership with Hear The World Foundation, each pair of Vibes purchased will help fund projects that provide hearing aids, funding or education to those in need around the world.

Musicians On Call brings live and recorded music to the bedsides of patients in healthcare environments.


Better sound. Better feel. Delivered right to you. 


Every lesson taken with Care2Rock benefits a child in foster care who gains access to our life-changing music program.

Musicians Without Borders is a leader in using music for peacebuilding and social change.

Recent Updates

Philanthropist and Music Executive Kerry Gordy launches new Sustainable Entertainment Company (HG Impact Entertainment) in partnership with HealRWorld.  Gordy is known as the Robbin Hood of the Music Industry for his IP Reclamation work fighting for the rights of Musicians.

Ahead of his Wonder World Tour, Shawn Mendes took major steps toward more environmentally sustainable touring practices. The multi-platinum selling singer and songwriter locked in climate scientists and youth activists to learn more about reducing environmental impact and emissions from the tour while offsetting its unavoidable carbon footprint.

Billie Eilish designed her very own range of vegan shoes in collaboration with Nike, that were completely vegan and made up of 20% recycled products, waving the flag for other sports and shoes brands to use more sustainable materials.

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