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The HealRWorld Marketplace Gives You Access to Global Businesses Making a Difference

We've curated content from millions of small businesses from over 170 countries that have personally committed to People and Planet...and we'll bring you their stories to help you make informed decisions on where shop for products and services that align with your values.


Shop from Global Businesses Who Align with Your Values & Get Rewarded

Find the businesses who align with your values.  Direct your everyday purchases towards creating a better world by supporting the causes and companies you support!  Purchase from values aligned small businesses from companies like Amazon, Ebay, Target and others.

Meet Likeminded People Globally Committed to Healing our Planet and People

Network with fellow global citizens who care about the planet and people and want to take action for a better world together.

Vote on Which Causes and Businesses Receive Our Affiliate Dollars

Your voice matters!  You can vote on where we direct our donations to the causes and social impact companies driving real, positive change.

Get Rewarded for Engaging with the Community.

The more you engage with our community, the more you’ll get rewarded through HealRWorld loyalty coins!

Learn About Sustainably Committed Celebrities and Musicians and their Small Businesses Committed to People & Planet.

Select Celebrity and Musician Sustainable Small Businesses

Philanthropist and Music Executive Kerry Gordy launches new Sustainable Entertainment Company (HG Impact Entertainment) in partership with HealRWorld.  Gordy is known as the Robbin Hood of the Music Industry for his IP Reclamation work fighting for the rights of Musicians.

Stranger Things Star Millie Bobbie Brown is reaching a younger generation of future environmentalists with her brand Florence by Mills. The PETA-certified, ethical and cruelty-free label features skincare and makeup that are good for you and the planet. It is Brown’s first solo project outside the world of acting.

Billy Eilish designed her very own range of vegan shoes in collaboration with Nike, that were completely vegan and made up of 20% recycled products, waving the flag for other sports and shoes brands to use more sustainable materials.

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